about me

Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Brian, and I live in Washington, DC with my wife, Kate.  We are both runners (everything up to marathons), cyclists, triathletes, boaters, rock climbers, and wine lovers.  I think what draws us to wine is the way life slows down and bends to mother nature.  There is no set schedule for buds breaking on the vine and grapes ripening throughout the summer.  There is no rushing fermentation or aging.  For us, wine represents an opportunity to take a breath and enjoy a nice meal with great company.

I started this blog to provide a place for people to discuss anything and everything about wine.  While a comprehensive and authoritative book might be a good place to learn about wine (the Johnson/Robinson text The World Atlas of Wine comes to mind), I recognize that such an approach can be intimidating, and it lacks the dynamic conversation that can be so enlightening.  So let’s drop all the pretenses and treat this place like a virtual tasting room where anything is fair game, albeit without the Swarovski chandelier pictured below.  When I talk about specific bottles, I’ll try to include the retail prices for reference – just remember, the restaurant price might be twice that (or higher!).  Also, all of the pictures on the site are my own unless otherwise stated. Over time, I hope you assimilate a unique knowledge and fascination, and I hope you feel compelled to share your own knowledge and experiences.

tasting room at Hall winery in Rutherford, Napa Valley


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