desert island wine

We all have things in our lives that we love so much, or simply cannot do without, that we would most certainly include them on our list of items that would make being marooned on a desert island just a little easier. I would bring a book (The Count of Monte Cristo) and my wife, although knowing us, we would view our dire situation as an opportunity to build a world-class resort with a lively fitness program and an upscale restaurant.

Ahhh, but what wine to serve at the restaurant? This is a desert island, so we can only select one. What would you pick? What wine would you absolutely not want to live without?

Kate and I were enjoying an intimate dinner at a relatively upscale restaurant in Las Vegas when I made a comment that most definitely diminished my street-cred with the sommelier. I said that zinfandel is my desert island wine. He quickly noted that his is white Burgundy, and we proceeded through the meal as though our exchange had never happened. I knew what he was thinking – “You have one wine in the entire world to select, and you pick zinfandel?!” He likely pictured me sipping my treasured wine from a shoe that washed up on shore while enjoying an accompanying helping of desert island mac and cheese.

But hear me out. Zinfandel, with its core of red fruit and brambly, spicy finish, goes so well with so many things. I imagine it would pair equally well with bugs and wombats. Even a steady diet of seafood would not be overwhelmed by a well-made/well-balanced zinfandel.

I realize that a sommelier at a nice restaurant in Vegas must declare white Burgundy, or Champagne, or German Riesling, or even the best of Bordeaux as the only real choice for a desert island. As I only somm for you on this website, I suppose I have the luxury of selecting outside the box – a pure, ripe, layered zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley will do me just fine…or at least hold me over until we start importing some Rioja for the restaurant.

Check the recommendations page for a couple of zinfandels that will make you appreciate the peace and quiet on your island.


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