new label – same great taste!

Welcome, welcome.  For those who know me and followed my posts over the last year or so, bear with me while I make a brief introduction.

I live in Northern Virginia, also known as the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and I am a wine consumer.  I am not a distributer, nor an importer.  I do not bring to the table a degree in oenology or viticulture, nor any certificates bearing witness to my knowledge of the subject.  I am a pretty smart guy, however, with an intense fascination of wine that began with my first trip to Napa Valley, California in 1997.  My inquisitive nature has led me to read voraciously about planting, trellising, and growing vines, harvesting grapes, crushing, fermenting, punching, fining, aging, bottling, labeling, and getting the stuff to market.

This post’s name derives from my effort, some time ago, to couple my interest in wine with my interest in politics in a super-blog that tried to save the world while offering layers of blackberries, currant, and toasty oak.  I’ve since decided to keep it simple and move into a world where less truly is more.

I had the idea to name this blog Speaking of Wine as one of several lessons learned from the aforementioned foray into blogging.  Every time I found myself delving into impossibly complex policy issues, fighting the urge to use broad strokes for simplicity’s sake (which would do nothing but turn me into another useless talking head), I wanted to change the subject.  “Political ambition is like the canopy of leaves on a grape vine.  Without an occasional pruning to keep it in check, the magnificent potential underneath will never be realized.  Speaking of wine…”

With my interest in learning and my penchant for documenting details of my experiences, I hope to provide some insights that you may use to broaden your own vino-knowledge.

With that…Salud!


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